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Meet Lucas Thompson

A Principled Conservative!

Lucas Thompson is a constitutional conservative from the great city of Circleville in Pickaway County, Ohio.


He is the Chairman of Pickaway County's Young Republicans and Chairman of Pickaway County's Republican Liberty Caucus.


Lucas also serves on the Candidate Committee board for the Republican Liberty Caucus.

If speech can be targeted , then it may be used in a way to eliminate the inalienable rights thereafter in the Bill of Rights.

A political party’s purpose is to stand on a foundation of principles that encompasses the beliefs and values of those that stand behind the party.

A Better Ohio

Gun Ownership

I believe that gun ownership is a right to all Americans. The Second Amendment was placed into the Bill of Rights to allow American citizens to fight against tyrannical government. It's important that citizens are in charge of government and have the ability to defend themselves from government. We must protect our rights to the highest degree. I strongly believe that empowering the people, not the government, is important in all public policy.


The less government involvement in the economy, the better. The problems Ohioans face today with high costs in healthcare and tuition are caused directly by the federal government's overreach and a lack of competition in the market. I believe in a strong conservative policy that allows for free market competition, economic growth, lower taxes, and enables Ohioans to strive for the American dream.

State Rights

The federal government continues to grow and states have become dependent on federal grants to function. This has caused the state to lose power in its authority to govern. The federal government has used grants with chains attached to make decisions for all Ohioans. It is important that we have legislators willing to condemn and deny federal involvement in policy that drastically impedes the rights of Ohioans. The states were never intended to be the lapdogs of the federal government. The federal government cannot fix the issues and problems that the states and local levels of government were meant to resolve. The larger the area that a politician has to cover, the greater the disparity is between the politician and the citizens they represent.

Drug Epidemic

As the son of a minister that has helped men struggling with alcohol and drug addiction for over 20 years, I have a rare perspective on the drug epidemic. The government cannot arrest its way out of this problem. The law of our state should be followed, but we also need to involve non-profit organizations and recovery centers when dealing with the problem. I have watched the devastating effects of drug addiction throughout my life and understand the devastating consequences of addiction. A problem facing those struggling with addiction is when they try to turn to a sober life, a felony holds them back from a normal way of life. What leads many addicts to reuse drugs after sobriety is when they are unable to get a job, apartment, and other necessities due to having a felony. If someone decides to turn their life around after using drugs, and has went through all necessary steps to show sobriety, our society needs to make sure we allow for them to live in sobriety. This is not a handout, it is a hand lifting them up and allowing them to live under normal circumstances.

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